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2008-02-10 10:57:25 by Aaron4400

After being away for a bit i realised that you need to forget the bad things and start with new... seeing as it is 2008 now. im gonna release a new song soon..

so.. Hi again :)


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2008-02-11 10:33:21

may i remind you your music is still downvoted and u changed ur aura from fab to light?!


2008-02-11 10:33:58

gb2 using ur alt

Aaron4400 responds:

Yes i alted. for the lulz. i just couldnt leave newgrounds :O

and yes i know my music is still downvoted and i do know that i changed my aura from fab to light..


2008-02-22 19:32:41

Don't think I'm gonna stop downvoting all your music fag.

Aaron4400 responds:

I Thought once, maybe. but no. you haven't. quite sad really holding a stupid grudge like that.


2008-03-21 02:52:11

I just remembered to come and downvote again.

Aaron4400 responds:

wow. you remebered. lol


2008-03-22 16:03:17

darknessdweller wuz here.

Aaron4400 responds:

Yes, You Were.


2008-03-24 15:22:45


Aaron4400 responds:

Hey. :)


2008-04-02 10:08:13

Hello, Aaron.

Aaron4400 responds:

Hi :D


2008-04-06 22:27:34

Downvoting again!

Aaron4400 responds:

You're getting unfunny now. i did laugh(once), now it's just boring and actually quite sad.


2008-05-16 06:24:42

I'll comment you post if you comment mine....oh wait


2008-05-21 01:43:53

I'm back!

Aaron4400 responds:

O Hai. i thought you fell down a ditch or lost your virginity. Obviously not.


2008-06-01 12:09:10

release a rap song


2008-06-05 11:06:31

I got banned, could you guys cheer me up on my userpage?


2008-06-18 16:34:43

Hey dude, welcome back.


2008-06-22 15:24:52

Insert witty comment here.

Aaron4400 responds:

When will you just give up? because holding grudges and being a dickhead on the internet, isn't funny or hard. it just makes you a lame motherfucker.

and you know what? it's funny how you keep coming back just because of that one topic.

oh and, if i ever met you in real life you would be on the floor crying already, because i would so love to deck you.

you're one of the people on the BBS that are sad, disrespectful, immature little twats. and you really need to get a life, otherwise. you're going to die in front of that screen and you will remembered as that fucker, who downvoted, because they couldnt handle a little bit of free speech.

Go die in a fire, and don't come crawling back.